Setting Boundaries Like a Boss: A workbook for assertive communication

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Do you struggle to say no?

Do you have difficulty being assertive about your needs?

Do you feel the need to please people, leaving what you really want behind?

This workbook will help you face these issues. You will learn to control your feelings and think before you speak. Boundaries will help you protect yourself from others who are hurting you and lead you toward healthier relationships in the future.

Daisy Garni's workbook prompts reduce concepts from psychology, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy, into simple prompt questions for you. These lead you to gradually understand yourself, and define and set your own boundaries.

Setting healthy boundaries is an extremely important life skill. The boundaries workbook teaches personal boundaries in a variety of areas including: emotional, physical, financial, sexual and more. You will learn to analyze and set boundaries in each of these areas.

You can fill the workbook in on your tablet, computer or phone.

Alternatively, you can print out. The workbook is US letter size (8.5 x 11 in), but it also prints perfectly on A4 size pages.


  • What's the definition of a boundary?
  • What are the types of boundaries?
  • What are the benefits of setting boundaries? / The effects of having no boundaries
  • Exploring boundaries
  • Your values
  • Your values target
  • Self-awareness
  • Your boundaries beliefs
  • Assertive communication
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Critical thinking facts
  • Examine your thoughts
  • Examine your emotional responses
  • Understanding your boundaries
  • Practical examples of setting boundaries
  • Obstacles to boundaries
  • Overcoming the obstacles
  • Practicing your boundaries challenge
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